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Content Management Focus

Content management is a primary area of interest and expertise of ZiaContent. The term content management means many things to many people. Here is my current working definition.

  • Content is information that is published.
  • Content Management is the infrastructure needed to successfully create, store, access, publish, retire, and archive content.

See below for ZiaContent's recent activities related to Content Management.

  • This month! IPQC Content Week

    Del Mar, CA  January 29 - February 2, 2007
    Rita will be presenting a workshop titled "Things that Go Bump in Your Content Management Project and How to Handle Them," based on results of the CMS Challenges survey above. 
    Conference Site 

  • Rita's Blog on Gilbane.com
    November 2006
    See my contributions to the latest trends in content management on Frank Gilbane's blog site

  • Featured Article in The Gilbane Report
    April-May 2002
    Rita contributed the feature article for the April-May issues of the Gilbane report. The article describes the history and evolution CMS user interfaces. Read the article online at Gilbane.com:
    The Many [Inter]Faces of Content Management

  • Content Management Bible (2001, Hungry Minds)
    December 2001
    Rita served as technical editor for Bob Boiko's highly popular and comprehensive book on CM. if you don't have your copy, buy it today at your local or online bookseller.
    Check out the CM Bible on metatorial.com  

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What is Zia?
The ZiaContent name and logo are derived from the Zia Sun Symbol, an ancient icon of the Zia Indian pueblo of New Mexico. The symbol reflects the philosophy of natural balance—a goal of any successful endeavor.  

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